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Career Coaching

you can trust

even if you are overwhelmed & uncertain of your next job

Go from Stressed to Success

Ideal for 9to5 & Entrepreneurs

You will be given an inclusive space to discover what’s holding you back in your career; so you

The Career Oasis was created so you can finally stop procrastinating and get serious about your new job!

🐰 You will learn how to take your years of experience regardless if you are a job hopper, freelancer, or have gaps so its no longer an issue

🎉 You can feel confident in your interviews, salary negotiations and even rejections… Imposter Syndrome can go sit down

👻 Your name is not Casper so you wonder why you keep getting GHOSTed. You know you have the skillset but get super frustrated with the hiring process.

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2 Job Offers !!!

"In 2 months I've been able to gain clarity, confidence, and network in a very strategic manager that saved me a tremendous amount of time. Additionally, her honest and no-nonsense approach made it really easy to focus on what was going to really create the change I needed."

- Linda Greiger- Product Manager


Career Coach & Leadership Expert

and your personal no BS cheerleader

Career Changing can be easy when you have a plan and accountability!

Hiya I’m Nicole- an introverted mom, telenovela & podcast lover and crystal collector.

The Career Oasis supports hundreds of career changers who are in corporate 9to5s and entrepreneurs who are ready to move from stressed to success. 

In 2014, I was working in a call center job, without a Bachelor Degree and started applying to jobs I was definitely not qualified for on paper and getting lots of interviews. From there sprung the beginning of our business

In 2017, as a 6-Figure Manager at a tech company I had a panic attack in my VPs office and knew it was time to leave. I am grateful for the strategies I continuously implement and within 2 weeks of quitting I had multiple job offers

In 2019, I began ICF Life Coach training because over years of 1on1 coaching I noticed a few patterns that repeated such as:

  • Perfectionism

  • Fear & Anxiety

  • Self- Worth

  • Boundaries

  • Low Energy

I love sharing my journey including all the highs and lows and how you can create easy strategies for your career and life to finally gain the freedom you desire

You are welcome in this safe, inclusive space designed to help you discover what’s really holding you back in your career and life

Welcome & Bienvenidos

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Career Club

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Side Hustle Society 

Create an easy business plan to start getting money while still working

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Energy & Boundaries

Learn to trust your intuition so you can say No with confidence

We’re a fit if you want to..




  • Pay off your debt faster

  • Kick Imposter syndromes’ butt

  • Add $20-40K in your pocket

We’re Not for you if....




  • Enjoy hating Monday- Friday


  • Don’t want to travel more

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Nicole was able to quickly help me get to the root of my career blocks through thoughtful, down to earth interviews 

Nicole, I was able to leave a job that wasn't paying me nearly enough and focus on the work I love doing - design and illustration. With her coaching, I was able to immediately book clients at rates I was afraid to charge in the past."

- Rachel Lang- Director of Product Design & Startup Founder

Stop waiting for someone to magically tap you on your damn shoulder.

You are meant for so much more!!!

Fear and lack of Focus are holding you back. 👇

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