Resume ReLaunch was created so you get recruiters to stop and ask who in the hel! sent them this amazing resume?

🐰 You will learn how to take your years of experience regardless if you are a job hopper, freelancer, or have gaps so its no longer an issue

🎉 I am here to help you present yourself in a beautiful package that you feel confident in your interviews…there is nothing worse than having a resume writer who has not applied for a job in 20 years create something for you

🌘If you are tired of getting immediate rejections when you apply to a role or not hearing anything ever as your resume is sent to a HR black hole, I have the perfect solution in Resume ReLaunch

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2 Job Offers !!!

"In 2 months I've been able to gain clarity, confidence, and network in a very strategic manager that saved me a tremendous amount of time. She has a unique way of pointing out your unique strengths and creates a strategy to highlight them. Additionally, her honest and no-nonsense approach made it really easy to focus on what was going to really create the change I needed."

- Linda Greiger- Product Manager

What’s Included in all this fabulousness?

Resume ReLaunch- Grab Attention, Boost your Income

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  • The Resume ReLaunch Roadmap will cover

    • Contact- Add special features to track your resume

    • Summary- Create a power statement to position yourself as an expert and jump ahead

    • Skills- Highlight your tech skill even if they are on a beginner level so you can ask for more money

    • Experience-Create structure so you give recruiters and hiring manager exactly what they want

    • Education- Consolidate information and secret to put if you did not attend college

BONUS ReLaunch- Grab Attention, Boost your Income

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  • Coaching - I will provide real time feedback

  • Community- You will have the benefit of working in a small supportive group

  • 2 ATS friendly Resume Templates in Google Doc and Microsoft Word so you can edit easily and get pass the HR Robots

  • Action Words List- List of words that show you as an expert

  • Quantify- How to add Numbers so you can quickly show your value

  • Cover Letter that don’t Suck

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Nicole gave me the confidence I needed to take that leap of faith.

"Nicole helped me update my resume, determine which job types to search for, and guide me on how to search for a new job.

But, most importantly, what Nicole did was show me my true worth and that it was not scary at all to be on the search for a new job. I went into our coaching determined to find a new job and came out of it determined to go full time with my photography business. She gave me the confidence that I needed to take that leap of faith. I quit my corporate job at the end of the year."

- Amber Kirchner- Operations Manager & Photographer

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Nicole was able to quickly help me get to the root of my career blocks through thoughtful, down to earth interviews 

"Nicole is an amazing career coach! She was able to quickly help me get to the root of my career blocks through thoughtful, down to earth interviews. She immediately provided me with lots of actionable advice and tips for improving my resume, my LinkedIn profile, and my messaging. After consulting with Nicole, I was able to leave a job that wasn't paying me nearly enough and focus on the work I love doing - design and illustration. With her coaching, I was able to immediately book clients at rates I was afraid to charge in the past. Now my clients are happy and so am I"

- Rachel Lang- Director of Product Design & Startup Founder

Invest in Yourself

Join a Live Virtual workshop where you will finally

Get $h!t Done in 48 Hours

because your corporate trainings are weak and designed to keep you trapped  


Frequently asked questions

What place & time will the lesson take place?

Virtual over 2 days PLUS the Facebook private community will remain open longer

What if I need more time?

I'm here to serve you and the community will be available

What do I bring to the meetings?

Show up ready to work and have completed any prework assigned.

Will I have a job at the end of our session?

A fully optimized resume ready for you to start emailing recruiters

Other outcomes?

Clarity on goals and priorities, improved decision making, increased self awareness & confidence = More Money, Hot Sex, who knows

Why should I choose this program?

First and foremost I am Not an HR person- my experience is be applying, interviewing and negotiating my personal jobs all the way to $6 Figures+