💁🏻3 Quick Tips to Handle the Situation with Style and Grace

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Pinterst text

Last week while I was on vacation I received 3  frantic appointments for my premium 1:1 sessions. Normally this would involve intense preparation for job interviews, salary negotiations or networking strategies but this time is was o discuss dreaded  Performance Improvement Plan (P.I.P.)

This reminded  of a role several years ago when I received my 1st  P.I.P.  Ironically, the month prior I had received Employee of the Quarter. I felt ashamed and bamboozled because I was being rated on something that was never my deliverable or metric.  I assured my clients that it was going to be O.K.

People know that can come to be with their deepest secrets and greatest wins.  I can relate  and connect on deeper levels so in this moment I offered the following advice until we would have our intensive session

  1. 🔥Clarity- Clarify your manager's’ expectations and ask for an opportunity to submit YOUR truth so the story has more depth and examines both sides of the story

  2. Accountable- Remain accountable and true to yourself, think of what your role was in this situation. Did you schedule weekly or monthly checkins? Did you share your true workload?

  3. Mindest -  Mindset trumps Skillset all day. You can not control the actions of others so refocus your attention on what is within your control. When you focus on your mindset you set yourself up for greater growth, curiosity and opportunities

Have you ever received any unexpected news  in life or work?  I would love to know how you responded

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Nicole Amos

career coach for spiritual heart- centered who desire more from their lives