What do Usher + Tesla, COX, Disney, General Motors, have in common?

Pintetst summary text

Pintetst summary text

Unfortunately, many workers at these great companies recently received “them papers”

I know this because I have taken on 1:1 clients from all quite a few of them

I can relate to their stories because I was laid off 16 years ago while I was 6 months pregnant

The emotions you may be experiencing are fear, anxiety, anger, shame and worthlessness.

I am here to tell you that the universe will take you and this moment will change your perspective

The one crucial lesson I was able to pass along was ABC -Always Be Connecting

  1. LinkedIn - get coworkers and manager to provide you recommendations and reach out to people for informational interviews

  2. Gym- get a free 30 day pass to a large fancy gym in your area and attend all the classes and let people know you are looking

  3. Volunteer- Take this time to sharpen your leadership skills by working with your favorite organization on a special project

Have you ever been laid off? What advice would you give yourself now?k

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Nicole Amos

career coach for spiritual heart- centered who desire more from their lives